Green Room (2015)

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier
Country: USA

“Green Room” is an unsettling horror thriller written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier. 
If the director’s previous, “Blue Ruin”, had already shown a flair for brooding stories and an ability to create excruciating scenarios, his latest work is extremely hard to watch such are the harrowing happenings that involve the members of a punk band during a last-minute performance in a remote Neo-Nazi bar located in the Pacific Northwest.

The four members of an innocuous punk band called ‘The Ain't Rights’ witness a horrifying murder and have to fight in order to survive the unscrupulous group of skinheads that are behind the act.
With the cops on the way, the evildoers set a diabolic plan to cover-up the crime and kill the frightened members of the band, who remain locked in a small green room. 
The skinheads take direct orders from the owner of the place, who certainly didn’t imagine that these young musicians could resist for so long and be prepared for the war.
After finding that the room is connected to an old bunker, they take their chances but the few exits are well guarded, not only by madmen but also by a furious pit bull.

Paranoia and panic can be easily felt when watching this brutal film, which relies on violent attacks, ugly deaths, and a few bizarre characters in order to impress.
Among the cast, we highlight Imogen Pots who plays a doped regular customer who doesn’t hesitate when it’s time to become aggressive, and also Patrick Stewart as Darcy, the owner of the establishment. 
Mr. Saulnier effectively composes the backdrops with saturated colors, and often articulates them with the ominous roars of punk and metal music.
It’s well done, yet might be overwhelming for some viewers.