Circles (2013)

Circles (2013) - Movie Review
Directed by: Srdan Golubovic
Country: Serbia / others

Movie Review: Intelligently written and structured, “Circles” is one of the most valuable contemporary dramas coming from Balkans. The story starts to be told in 1993 Trebinje, Bosnia, hometown of soldier Marko Kovacevic who returns on leave from the front. After having breakfast with his dad, Ranko, he goes to visit his girlfriend, Nada, at work, and then meet with his medic friend, Nebosja. When he witnesses a Muslim shopkeeper, Haris, being savagely beaten up by three military companions, which includes Todor and Rekita, known for spreading confusion and fear on the city streets, he tries to cool them down, but this posture will cost him his life. Twelve years later, in a peaceful Germany, all the living characters mentioned above (or some of their relatives), will cross paths, having the opportunity to forgive or take revenge, depending on the case. The film was set up in a captivating way, employing discernment to put in confrontation the good vs. evil, and showing a complexity of feelings and emotions, that was strong enough to make us conscious and alert. Also visually absorbing, the film counted with an appreciable cinematography and credible performances. Helmer Srdan Golubovic, who, in certain scenes, curiously opted for a moving camera instead of fixed shots, proves that the success achieved with “The Trap” in 2007, wasn’t just a coincidence. “Circles” is an illuminated film composed by small, interconnected stories, which, whether fair or unfair, whether immersed in light or in deep darkness, are indispensable lessons for life.

Tilva Ros (2010)

Tilva Ros (2010)
Directed by: Nikola Lezaic
Country: Serbia

Review: “Tilva Ros” is a dissimulated documentary turned into independent drama. The movie was shot in Bor, Serbia, a small town that in the past was considered the biggest copper mine in Europe. Nikola Lezaic, also a native from Bor, decided to make a movie about two friends, Toda and Stefan, who are skaters in a group named “Kolos”. Despite their friendship, they are constantly competing about a girl named Dunja who arrived from France for holidays. Most of the time they're doing small-videos about radical jumps, auto-mutilation, beatings and random destruction, to get her attention. The movie shows a particular way of living, pointing how the living conditions and choices will take them to different paths. “Tilva Ros” may seem aimless at the first sight, but a closer look will make you conclude that this is a curious study about youth and their ambitions, in an isolated town.

The Enemy (2011)

Directed by: Dejan Zecevic
Country: Serbia

Plot: A couple of days after the Balkan war has ended, a group of soldiers in charge of clearing the fields from mines, make an odd discovery.
Review: A team of soldiers, while trying to dismantle their own mines, start to freak out after discover a man sealed between the four walls of a factory’s basement. A combination of war and supernatural, results in a very dark ambiance. The acting, directing and beautiful photography are very positive. On the other hand I found the plot a bit messy and unstable, frequently making us miss its intentions with some deliberate ambiguity. Anyway, this was a good effort from Dejan Zecevic, lately dedicated to TV-series.
Relevant awards: Audience award (Thessaloniki).

White White World (2010)

Realizado por: Oleg Novkovic
País: Sérvia

Filme super pesado no seu conteúdo e contando apenas com personagens amarguradas. Os temas são bastante deprimentes, tais como: o incesto (embora inconsciente), consumo de drogas e álcool, problemas de afecto, desolação e infelicidade. Tudo isto com umas canções sérvias pelo meio que deixam o ambiente ainda mais sombrio. Não consegui criar empatia com nenhuma das personagens, num filme que pouco ou nada tem de positivo e que não consegue surpreender, apenas deprimir.

Montevideo, God Bless You (2010)

Realizado por: Dragan Bjelogrlic
País: Sérvia

Um filme "light" sobre dois jovens que se tornariam estrelas do futebol sérvio, invocando a época dos anos 30 em Belgrado. A amizade entre ambos e a vontade de fazerem parte da selecção da antiga Jugoslávia que foi ao Mundial em Montevideo no Uruguai, será no entanto abalada em alguns momentos devido a problemas com mulheres. Uma comédia dramática com um sentido nacionalista bem evidente, que se assiste bem num dia de descontracção, mas que não nos deixa grandes marcas. Nota negativa para os lances futebolísticos exibidos pelas estrelas em campo - um tanto forçados e pouco credíveis.