In The Shadow (2012)

In The Shadow (2012)
Directed by: David Ondricek
Country: Czech Republic / Slovakia / Poland

Review: “In The Shadow” is a police thriller with political contours. Its story is set in 1950’s old Czechoslovakia, in a time where a monetary reform was a possibility, raising doubts among the population. Away from all that, the obsessive police-inspector Jarda continues to do his job with honesty. He was sent to investigate a gold robbery whose evidences pointed to a suspect named Kirsch, a drunken Jew who would come to confess his involvement. However, after further investigations, Jarda concludes that this man had not participated in the crime. Unexpectedly, the State Security Service aided by a newcomer German cop, were assigned to replace Jarda. Together, they arrest four other Jews accused of smuggling gold and money to finance Zionist separatists in Palestine. Jarda will continue from suspect to suspect, searching for truth, until find who are behind the conspiracy. “In The Shadows” sets an atmosphere of obscurity, relying on suspenseful moments, adequate score, and mysterious behaviors scattered everywhere. The main problem is that the plot only left us with two possible suspects, giving sufficient hints for us to guess who the bad guy was. So, no much surprises here!

Kooky (2010)

Directed: Jan Sverak
Country: Czech Republic

Plot: Young Ondra has asthma and so his mom throws away his favorite toy: a musty old stuffed bear named Kooky...
Quick comment: “Kooky” fits in those kind of movies which will please parents as much as their kids. Mixing up animation (handcrafted puppets) with real landscapes and people, it manages to be technically efficient and visually stunning. The story despite being stereotyped and showing repeated wild action, turns out to engage, following the same path of Sverak’s previous works where fantasy, comedy and family entertainment are common. As advice I urge you to look for Sverak's master work named "Kolya"(1996)
Relevant Awards: jury prize (Karlovy Vary).

Karamazovi (2008)

Realizado por: Petr Zelenka
País: Republica Checa

Um grupo de teatro de Praga vai actuar na Polónia. O local de ensaio será uma velha siderurgia e a peça a apresentar é baseada na obra "Os Irmão Karamazov" de Dostoievsky. O filme na sua maioria foca a preparação dos actores, sendo que os ensaios da peça misturam-se com pequenos fragmentos de realidade. Um velho trabalhador da siderurgia encontra-se fascinado pelos ensaios, sendo alvo de atenção por recusar-se a abandonar o local após saber da morte do filho. Este facto vai gerar duvidas se este homem não será também alguém contratado pela gerência com a finalidade de controlar os actores.